The Dream


EXPLORERS DREAM, with a dynamic leader, Vikas Bhatti, aims to target the feat of EXPLORERS GRAND SLAM (Last Degree) in its fastest realms and pave the boulevard of dreams for each and every person out there.

EXPLORERS GRAND SLAM (Last Degree) has been completed many times, however, Colin O’ Brady, a man of American Nationality, achieved this feat in 139 days and completed Seven Summit in 131 days on May 27, 2016, and formed history. He trekked every highest peak in seven continents along with two poles, North and South, to become world’s fastest person to acclaim the feat of Explorers Grand Slam (Last Degree). Less than 50 people in the world have tasted this grand success.


The primary focus stands apart for Explorers Dream is to inspire and instill a zeal for dreams to pursue. We look around ourselves to find bigotry and narcissistic winds tarnishing focus and passion of youth.  What’s so worrisome is increasing influence of drugs in their lives? With a vigorous team of passionate individuals and focused approach towards dreams, we wish to create an atmosphere and set an example for young people to believe and accomplish the visions of soulful mind and heart.

With rising awareness against drugs and increasing trend of adventurism, Explorers Dream wants to abstain youth from hell of drugs and guide them on the way to their passion and dream.

Explorers Dream

Having a dream to dream is itself a dream and this world of dreams is full of fantasies and weird fetishes. Apparently, our world provides us with numerous opportunities and options through which we can make our abstract world into reality. Knowing this non-fiction reality, how many of us step up and create the world of their dreams. Somehow, we end up falling prey to own made non-existent realities and become prone to deadly consequences. Arising out of that fate are real heroes and warriors of life who possibly attempt every effort of their hard work in the magnificent reality of their dreams. While rare touch the heights of glory in their passion and others are left at traditional and cognitive traditions of practice, this forms a vicious circle in the world of dreams. This consecutive pattern of back-n-forth traversing in the chapter of dreams is both, painful and joyous. Our focus at Explorers Dream is to garner and nourish your painful as well as joyous dreams to happen in the practical arena to lighten up your lives with happiness. Our ambitious goals and motives make this circle go porous for everyone to enter and enjoy the laurels of success.

The most enduring obstacle we find in the modern times is drugs which don’t let you cross the edge. Our adventures and inspiring tales of dreams, we hope, would let you step out of comfort zone and make you rise above the threshold to touch and feel the level of bliss.

IMAGINATION IS THE VIRTUE and we believe in igniting in you, the power of imagination with our jaw-dropping stories of adventure.

Explorers Dream