Anti Drugs



Today in this world, youngsters are losing focus from their dreams, their dreams that they always dreamed of. But the primary barrier between success and dreams are Drugs. More than 90% of the youth is into drugs. Our campaign is to spread awareness and inspire people to pursue their aims and do something productive that should be out of the box, which they have never done.

Drugs, what are drugs?

According to youngsters, it gives peace, releases stress, and it makes them look cool, etc. They find it trending among themselves, showing off has become a problem for our youth. External pressure like exams, love, workload, depression, parental pressure are some of the reasons for the new and upcoming drug addicts. They start for enjoyment or to get themselves out of the situation and later on get addict. Heroin, Marijuana, Alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine are some of the trending drugs among the youth. Instead of giving pleasure or calmness it blocks the thinking/mental ability, and the one addicted thinks only about them. But the reality is that they are slowly and slowly digging a pit for themselves and are ready to dive in it.